Massimo Dal Vi

I was born in Switzerland in 1960. I am married with a daughter and live in Jesolo right on the Venice lagoon. I started living the boat world as a child when, 60 years ago, my parents set up a first small dockyard at the mouth of the river Sile. After that, we moved to our current location and my brother and I developed the customer service with assistance to satisfy any yachtsman’s needs.

Nautica Dal Vi, a consolidated facility in the high Adriatic area with 300 berths available in a private, family-managed area where the peace and quiet is enhanced by a blaze of flowers.

When I was young, I ski raced for many years at regional level. However, had to abandon that passion as I did not have much time.

I started out by embarking on fishing boats as ship’s engineer at the end of the 70s. Then, in 1979, I graduated as Candidate for the management of merchant ship engines with the Venice Technical Nautical Institute. Besides mechanical engineering, an interest and work in the family for many generations, in those years I acquired an interest for carpentry collaborating with the “San Marco” shipyard in Milan. In Milan, in 1983 I graduated in “Naval Architecture  from the Higher Institute of Architecture and Design.

On returning to the family shipyard, I associated with the offshore world for some years, taking part in European championship races. For many years I have worked as a mechanical engineer on the engines and systems of the boats, particularly in the overhaul of marine petrol and diesel engines Starting then, I have travelled a lot by car. I have a class C/E driving licence and I followed and organised many heavy load boat transports. Search and sales mediation in Italy and abroad for boats and ships meant I had to use cars a lot, and I have travelled around Europe by  van, another passion of mine, in addition to photography.

Working on and overhauling wooden hulls in our boatyard for many years, repainting and renovating many models including some from the Riva boatyard, have taught me a lot about this field, enabling me to paint my cabinet-making and wood-turning works perfectly.

I obtained a “Captain of pleasure ship” licence (over 24 mt)  and some other professional maritime qualifications.

After developing our dockyard, at the start of the 90s we acquired a boat show and sales facility. For that reason, I qualified as Yacht Broker  (No. 38 with Venice Chamber of Commerce). All these skills, knowledge and experience have enabled me to sell many boats with a full customer assistance and service such as expert opinions on the boat, its plants and engines. I have been and still am a dealer for some of the best Italian shipbuilders, as well as being their sales and assistance point.

In 2000, as General Manager of the “Tencara” shipyard in Venice, famous for having built the America’s Cup ship  “Moro di Venezia”, in two years I managed the construction of 50 ship classes 500 and 2000 for the Italian Coast Guard with 5 deliveries every two months, from project to construction along with testing, delivery and guarantees. In that same period, I managed construction of the America’s Cup ship “Mascalzone Latino”, 2000 kg of carbon fibre for a 28m hull. That was an experience in the carbon fibre world and in that of very demanding standard construction, but also very interesting.

Other professional qualifications acquired thanks to experience are  Naval Expert and Naval Engineer Expert together with Expert for leisure shipping (construction, assistance, maintenance)., ( for which I am registered under No. 588 with the Venice Chamber of Commerce).

I have never stopped enjoying my woodworking, and I also really enjoy cabinet-making and wood-turning; to crown what I have done over the years, during the 2000s I qualified as a Shipwright (nwith Venice harbour Authority, as no. 349 ), another moment of great career satisfaction.

In the meantime, as I wanted to manage the nautical agency directly, I qualified as “Automotive sector consultant” ( with the Civil Motorisation Authority of Venice) . That enables me to handle all the nautical dossiers directly with the Coat Guard Authority.

Over the years, I have collected and catalogued several hundred wooden planks and trunks, from the most valuable to the most fragrant, coming from the five continents; and, naturally, the most interesting native ones, that I work with in my laboratory. I also own a very interesting wood-specimen collection, with many wood tablets from the various species.

The wood / boat mix and a lovely collection of naval art books led me towards naval model-making many years ago, rigorously in the arsenal construction that is only from projects and drawings, a passion I mainly cultivate in any free time during winter.

Here below please find a series of photos of my works. Please contact me if they are of interest to you and if you are looking for wood of any species. Alternatively, even if you would just like some more technical information and an exchange of opinions.

Massimo Dal Vi
Cell:  +39 335 205075